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Advances in Applied Psychology, Vol.1, No.2, Oct. 2015, Pub. Date: Aug. 3, 2015
Health Related Lifestyle Layout Expressed by Adolescents in Dubai
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[01] Ali S., Preventive Services Department, Primary Health Care Services Sector, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai, UAE.
[02] Al Faisal W., Health Affairs Department, Primary Health Care Services Sector, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai, UAE.
[03] Hussein H., Health Affairs Department, Primary Health Care Services Sector, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai, UAE.
[04] Wasfy A., Statistics and Research Department, Ministry of Health, Dubai, UAE.
Background: According to WHO, adolescent is a person between the ages 10 and 19 years. Time of adolescence is exceptional for teenagers, as a lot of fundamental changes started in this stage, such changes affecting physical, mental, emotional and social aspects of teenager. Transition from the period of childhood to period of adulthood embraces a lot of stresses encountered by youngster through 3 consecutive stages of adolescence. Objectives: To study the health related life style characteristics of adolescent population in Dubai. Methodology: Cross sectional study was carried out in governmental and private secondary schools of Dubai, UAE, among Secondary school students, grades (10-12), both males and females. Students aged 20 years or more were excluded. The minimum sample size required was 888 students. A Multistage stratified random sampling was carried out. The stratification was based upon region (Bur Dubai and Deira), type of school (governmental and private secondary schools) and sex (males & females). Results: In regard to physical activity, majority of students (45.4%) reported less than one hour exercise in the week. Regarding extra-curricular activities in school, only 31.2% of students have such activities. Presence and practice of hobbies was noted in 92.3% of students. In regard to smoking, it was noticed from the table that 13.3% of students were smokers (either current or past), while 40% of students reported exposure to smoking from others (passive smoking Conclusions: Health related life style among Dubai adolescent population significantly characterized with multiple non healthy behaviors and affected by modern life style deviations.
Lifestyle, Adolescents, Dubai
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