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American Journal of Economics, Finance and Management, Vol.1, No.3, Jun. 2015, Pub. Date: May 20, 2015
An Opinion Survey of SME Banking Systems: Problems and Prospects in Bangladesh
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[01] Abdur Rouf, Department of Business Administration, City University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
[02] Ariful Islam, Department of Business Administration, UITS, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.
The Small and Medium scale Enterprise (SME) working as the engines of economic growth. Promotion of SME especially in the developing countries like Bangladesh include their relatively high labor intensity, dependence on indigenous skills and technology, contributions to entrepreneurship development and innovativeness and growth of industrial linkages. The present study is conducted to analyze the opinion of different respondent group regarding the importance of various item of SME service. Data were collected 60 different user groups through planned questionnaire by using direct interview method which has been selected using the justification method under non-probability sampling technique. Finding of the study indicates that terms and condition of SME loan is not easy, SME loan application and disbursement procedure is complex and high charges of interest on SME loan.
SME, Loan Officer, Customers, Bank
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