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International Journal of Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering, Vol.1, No.2, Sep. 2015, Pub. Date: Aug. 26, 2015
Herbal Medicine Major Role in Women’s Health: An Overview
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[01] Ramasubramania Raja Rajagopal, Department of Pharmacognosy, Narayana Pharmacy College, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India.
This is a perspective review of medicinal plants useful traditionally for women's healthcare in India and countries like India. Medicinal plants have a significant role in women's healthcare in many rural areas, Plants with therapeutic efficacious observations have historically been used as a starting point in the development of new drugs, and modern pharmaceuticals have been derived from them. A review about the therapeutic effectiveness, safety and best use of herbals in day to day practice to get rid of many diseases, added value, make use of herbals in this context. Kitchen remedies are the easy access for women for their cost effective health care. Many of the dietary health practices by women reflect their health consciousness. Herbal remedies include medicinal herbs and ayurveda herbal remedies for common disorders among women urinary tract infection, pubertal changes, post menopausal syndrome, hot flashes, menopause, poly cystic ovarian syndrome, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, fertility, for inducing labor, for pregnancy, for increasing breast milk production, for abortion and other female disorders and to improve their health and wellness.
Medicinal Plants, Menopausal Syndrome, Herbal Remedies, Fertility, Bacterial Vaginosis
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