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International Journal of Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering, Vol.5, No.1, Dec. 2019, Pub. Date: Oct. 23, 2019
Cancer Immunotherapy by Harnessing Innate Immunity - A Brief History, Mechanism, and Future Applications of the Therapy
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[01] Daniel Koenemann, Department of Biology, Howard University, Washington DC, USA.
[02] Mohammed Asiri, Department of Microbiology, Howard University, Washington DC, USA.
[03] Hemayet Ullah, Department of Biology, Howard University, Washington DC, USA.
Cancer- 'The Emperor of all Maladies'- a moniker coined by the acclaimed author Siddhartha Mukherjee, continues to be the one of the devastating diseases. Despite spending billions of dollars of research funds, researchers are still at a bay in the war on the cancer diseases. However, recent therapeutic development of harnessing one's own immune system power to fight cancer is showing a slim advantage in favor of the researchers. In this process, the body's immune system is 'trained' to not only recognize and attack specific cancer cells, but also boost immune cells to help them eliminate cancer. Success stories of the immunotherapy have started to trickle down and a greater understanding of the mechanism, challenges, and application will allow new and existing researchers to develop the technology further. With this aim in focus, this review paper discusses the history, the mechanism, applications and future potential of this scintillating technology to fight cancer. A review of the potential applications and the regulatory environment for this technology will help reader develop a better understanding of this novel and unique approach to fight cancer which past decades have only produced treatments that could not lengthen survival rates significantly.
Immunity, Immunotherapy, Cancer, Antibody, T-cells, Tregs
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