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International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Vol.3, No.4, Jul. 2017, Pub. Date: Oct. 30, 2017
Leadership Development Failure: Responsibility of Top Management
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[01] Raed Atef, Independent Researcher on Governance and Management, Dubai, UAِE.
Leadership crisis is a major issue among countries and organizations; few real leaders do exist while majority are cliché and followers. This article investigates on leadership failure and asks one main question: why leadership development programs have failed in developing leaders. To answer the question, a combination of descriptive and analytical approach has adopted, using secondary data, and supported by author experience. The article concludes that leadership failure is due to current executive branch because top management determines what kind of leaders the organization want. Top management is copying not creating leaders; they own the decision over developing programs; tools, process, perspective, types and characters of leaders. Top management wants potential leaders to follow instead of thinking out of the box and developing their own style. It easy to manipulate people and push them to follow using the power of authority: reward- punishment, and money manipulation, however, this does not mean exercising real leadership. Developing leadership requires freedom of thinking, real implementation of good governance principles, accepts differentiation, and value human diversity. In addition, the article has clarified the definition of leadership. Leaders are those who enjoy and able to use their mind traits- intercultural and personality characters to persuade others.
Leadership Development Programs, Leadership Failure, Decision-Making, Top Management
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