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International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Vol.5, No.3, Sep. 2019, Pub. Date: Oct. 11, 2019
Statistical Analysis for Economics of the Energy Development in North Zone of Cairo
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[01] Sara Nada, Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics & Political Sciences, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt.
[02] Mohamed Hamed, Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Port Said University, Port Said, Egypt.
This paper presents the statistical analysis for an ideal official model. The statistical parameters (Mean Value, Limit factors of Maximum and Minimum) of the energy consumption during the last 26 years are determined and analysed. The standard deviation is inserted to be a vital factor for the discussion and analysis. The results are studied and then, recommendations as well as conclusion are stated. The original data are treated within two scales as multi-month reading and the occupied houses conditions. The correlation of energy parameters for the Capital City of Egypt are used for evaluation the statistical factors and evaluation has been done. An official sample for the domestic customers at north Cairo (the Capital of Egypt) over 26 years (Jan 1992-Jan 2018) has been included in the investigation and analysed for the statistical parameters. A sample for the total Energy curves in Cairo City is inserted and investigated. The statistical performance for the readings of the considered Energy curves is deduced and the results are discussed. The given investigation correlates the automatic random characteristics in the domestic loads of customers and the important parameters for Cairo is deduced according to the statistical results. The rate of rise of energy consumption is calculated for the model and the transients of the variation oscillation is investigated. The static rate of rise of energy consumption is estimated for different cases of the model. Both linear growth and exponential are inserted. The results, as a micro scale base, approved the importance of the statistical parameters for the planning problems. Both steady state transients and unstable transients are investigated for the energy consumption readings in the model. Prediction of Energy growth has been studied according to linear, exponential, static and dynamic estimation and the concluded results are given. The fluctuation in recorded methods has been determined and the automation of recording data processes with new technologies is recommended.
Energy Consumption, Average Value, Dispersion Factors, Domestic Load, Economics of Pricing, Micro Scale, Transients, Statistical Analysis
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