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International Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, Vol.7, No.3, Sep. 2021, Pub. Date: Jul. 28, 2021
Environmental Impacts of Improper Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Bani Walid City, Libya
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[01] Salahaldein Alsadey, Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Bani Waleed University, Bani Walid City, Libya.
[02] Omran Mansour, Department of Environmental Science, Faculty of Sciences, Bani Waleed University, Bani Walid City, Libya.
In Libya, refuse dumpsites can be found both inside and outside cities, and open burning of these dumps is a frequent practice, mostly to reduce waste and odour. Open garbage incineration releases harmful fumes into the atmosphere. Solid waste damps have a major negative impact on the environment in poor countries. Improper solid waste disposal has a negative environmental impact that may be seen almost everywhere in the developing countries. The solid waste management situation in Libya is deteriorating day by day due to a lack of effective planning and finance. Today there is growing focus on management of municipal solid waste. This research concentrates on municipal solid waste that is mainly composed of paper, plastic and food waste. Nonetheless, some environmental and human health issues are attributed to improper management of municipal solid waste. As such, there is a dire need to look into present practices as well as future opportunities in terms of solid waste collection, management and disposal. With regards to the present situation, this investigation suggested a reversal approach for management of municipal solid waste. This research regarded municipal solid waste collected in Bani Walid to have immense potential for generating wealth. As such, for future investigations, this study suggests incineration and anaerobic treatment for municipal solid waste, considering the hostile environment.
Solid Waste Management, Bani Walid City, Environmental Impacts, Land Pollution
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