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International Journal of Energy and Sustainable Development, Vol.2, No.4, Dec. 2017, Pub. Date: Dec. 9, 2017
Control System of Transmission Process of Alternative Energy to Electrical Energy
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[01] Almaz Mehdiyeva, Control and System Engineering department, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Baku, Azerbaijan.
The development of science and technology in our contemporary world depends on the consumption of electricity. According to experts, the demand for electricity will be twice as high as in 2025. This increase in electricity consumption can result in depletion of natural fuel sources and shortage of electricity in the near future. In addition, the environment is seriously damaged when burning hydrocarbon fuels (coal, gas, oil) used in thermal power plants. Taking into account these effects, it is more appropriate to use alternative energy sources for the production of electricity. The research is dedicated to transforming solar energy into electrical energy, one of today's modern requirements. Also prospects for solar energy production in Azerbaijan were considered. In this study, the characteristics of solar power plants are studied. To do this, the solar cells and their structure, their saturation, solar cells have been analyzed. When solar energy has been converted into electrical energy, special modules have been used to control its energy. The types of controls used are investigated. There is a need to manage the process of charging electrical energy to accumulator batteries during the work. For this purpose the structural scheme of the device was created, the controlalgorithm was developed. The proper selection of the elements required for the installation of the gateway control system has been considered, the device's basic scheme has been developed.
Alternative Energy, Energy Sources, Solar Energy, Electrical Energy, Accumulator Batteries, Control System, Renewable Energy Sources, Imaging Modelling
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