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International Journal of Modern Physics and Applications, Vol.5, No.2, Jun. 2019, Pub. Date: Jun. 25, 2019
Design of Upper and Lower Material Manipulators
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[01] Mohammad Faisal Ahmed, Department of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Huzhou Normal University, Zhejiang, China.
[02] Abdulla–Al–Mamun, School of Teacher Education, Huzhou Normal University, Zhejiang, China.
This design is a pneumatic loading and unloading manipulator, through the relevant literature review and collation and market research, the design of the manipulator has four degrees of freedom, and the use of circular coordinates form of design. This kind of manipulator has the characteristics of wide application range and simple operation. Through the design and analysis of the pneumatic loop, the motion mode of the manipulator is determined, and the specific motion of each part is described. This paper mainly designs three main parts of the manipulator, which are finger, wrist and arm. The structure of each part is designed and the working structure of the whole manipulator is determined. The manipulator has two kinds of replaceable functions, which can grasp bar or other rules of fast material, and can also load and unload sheet material. The hand is designed as a replaceable structure, with a clamping and adsorption structure; the rotary cylinder of the wrist is designed; the forehead expansion and lifting mechanism of the arm and the rotating motion of the hydraulic buffer arm is connected by two cylinders and two throttle dampers. It’s buffers are introduced. The driving torque of each structure is calculated and the design and calculation of each cylinder are carried out.
Loading, Unloading, Manipulator, Cylinder, Pneumatic Circuit, Wrist Design, Arm Design
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