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International Journal of Plant Science and Ecology, Vol.1, No.4, Aug. 2015, Pub. Date: Jul. 9, 2015
The Content of Nonenzymic Antioxidants in Different Organs Alhagi pseudalhagi Grown Under Conditions of Chronic γ – Radiation
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[01] E. S. Jafarov, Radiobiology laboratory, Institute of Radiation Problems, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Baku, Azerbaijan.
[02] G. A. Gojayeva, Radiobiology laboratory, Institute of Radiation Problems, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Baku, Azerbaijan.
[03] A. K. Jafarli, Radiobiology laboratory, Institute of Radiation Problems, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Baku, Azerbaijan.
[04] H. G. Babayev, Biochemical laboratory, Institute of Botany, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Baku, Azerbaijan.
In this paper were investigated features of accumulation and changes in the content of anthocyanins, flavonoids and carotenoids in different organs Alhagi pseudalhagi (Bieb.), grown in conditions of chronic γ-radiation. An attempt was made to clarify the role of these nonenzymic antioxidants in conditions of radiation stress. On the basis of a slight increase in pigment content was concluded that the protective responses in the plant are involved nonenzymic antioxidants less effective.
Alhagi pseudalhagi, Chronic γ- Radiation, Antioxidants, Flavonoids, Anthocyanins, Carotenoids
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