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Systems Science and Applied Mathematics, Vol.2, No.2, Apr. 2017, Pub. Date: Aug. 1, 2017
Kirchhoff Transformation of Richards Equation for Simulating Water Flow in Porous Media
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[01] Sabri Kanzari, National Research Institute for Rural Engineering, Water and Forestry, INRGREF, University of Carthage, Ariana, Tunisia.
[02] Sana Ben Mariem, National Research Institute for Rural Engineering, Water and Forestry, INRGREF, University of Carthage, Ariana, Tunisia.
A mathematical model that describes water flow through the unsaturated porous media is detailed in this paper. Indeed, this problem is based on the Richards equation. Resolution of such one-dimensional problem is performed using a Kirchhoff Transformation and a numerical approach based on the finite difference method.
Porous Media, Water Flow, Kirchhoff Transformation, Finite Difference Method
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