American Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health
Journal Introduction
American Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health is a peer-reviewed open access scholarly research journal, which publishes high-quality, refereed articles that advance the knowledge base of environmental and occupational health. The journal provides an international forum for researchers, scholars and practitioners of environmental and occupational health to share experiences and communicate ideas. It serves as an indispensable source to in-depth research articles and technical reports that keep readers up-to-date on cutting-edge developments in the field. This journal is read by researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and activists in the fields of environmental and occupational health. Its international readership extends across disciplines, including epidemiology, occupational and environmental medicine, sociology, toxicology, and related fields.
Aims and Scope
Air Pollution and Health Effects
Biological Risk Factors and Hazards
Chemical Risk Factors and Hazards
Child Labor
Climate, Climate Change and Health
Cost-effectiveness Studies and Economic Analyses
Dust, Asbestos, Silicosis
Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases
Environmental Health and Medicine
Environmental Pollutants
Ergonomic Risk Factors and Hazards
Exposure to Chemicals and Hazardous Substances
Flight Health
Gender and Occupational Health
Global Burden of Disease
Health Workers
Healthy Homes and Places
HIV/AIDS in the Workplace
Human Resources
Natural Disasters
Nutritional Health
Occupational Risk Management
Physical Risk Factors and Hazards
Psychosocial Risk Factors and Hazards
Ship Health
Stress at the Workplace
Toxic Substances and Hazardous Wastes
Water Pollution and Health Effects
Workplace Health Promotion
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