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Journal of Robotics, Computer Vision and Graphics, Vol.1, No.1, Aug. 2016, Pub. Date: Jun. 23, 2016
Determining the Accuracy of Finite Element Analysis when Compared to Experimental Approach for Measuring Stress and Strain on a Connecting Rod Subjected to Variable Loads
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[01] Ikpe Aniekan Essienubong, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria.
[02] Owunna Ikechukwu, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria.
[03] P. O. Ebunilo, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria.
The basic idea of tensile testing plays a major role in determining how durable any member of a component will behave under the action of forces. This implies placing a material of known dimensions on the universal testing machine with one end fixed while extending the other end until the material breaks at a point with the highest stress and strain concentration and a tie rod of known dimensions was the material in this case. Also, similar approach was carried out using Finite Element Analysis (FEA). This paper encompasses experimental exercise where a connecting rod was subjected to tensile loading and the resultant stresses along the connecting rod due to strain which is a measure of the extent at which the connecting rod stretches (how much strain the connecting rod can undergo) when subjected to tensile loading. Three strain gauges were mounted on the con rod and were used in measuring the strains for varying load values through a digital meter. The results of the measured strains were compared to the strain predicted by FEA. While the material was under tension, it was observed that the material obeyed Hooks law which in this case implies that the load acting on the connecting rod was directly proportional to the extension since the connecting rod was not stretched until the elastic limit was exceeded. The results obtained from each procedure showed close relationship between the experimental exercise and FEA approach. This implies that FEA analysis is viable and can be used to prevent failure by predicting the severity of stress and strain concentration on a connecting rod before launched into operation and after operation. Experimental Procedures provided byVishay Precision Group (2010) was adopted as the experimental procedures for the strain measurement.
Connecting Rod, Failure, Load,Safety, Simulation, Strain Gauge,Tensile Testing, Vibration
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